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T9n, L10n, G11n, I18n

  • Translation (t9n) is a part of Localization (l10n)
  • Internationalization (i18n) is a pre-requisite of Localization
  • Internationalization and Localization are parts of Globalization (g11n)

What is localization?

If you've just decided to enter foreign markets and intend to sell your products localized into target languages then you need to remember that localization isn't just a simple word-for-word translation from one language to another.

It needs to comply with the specific technical, linguistic and cultural norms as well as requirements of the target language. It is a complex process of adapting a software or web product according to the target language specifics.

What can I do for you?

I can help you to cut costs of your translation projects.

Collaborate with localization and technology specialist to create customizable solutions for your unique situation. I analyze your current processes to identify gaps and propose potential process optimization.

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Leverage the experience of localization expert

Localization Strategy

  • Localization process design
  • Language strategy
  • Localization program strategy
  • Internationalization best practices

Content Strategy

  • Workflow strategy
  • Content development optimization
  • Editorial solutions
  • Content management

Building L10n Team

  • Project managers
  • Localization engineers
  • Translators
  • Reviewers and testers

"Przemyslaw has always been very professional and efficient in his collaboration with Novilinguists, helping translators to solve difficult technical localization problems and coping with many difficult situations related to complex localization tasks.
I would recommend him as a Localization Engineer and problem solver."

Maurizia Gregorio
Owner, Novilinguists Slr, Italy

"He is the most knowledgeable, flexible, trustworthy, diligent, earnest engineer we have worked with.
He has never failed to meet our expectations."

Nobuko Kubo
Localisation Manager, Bentley Systems, Japan

Localization Strategy

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Apply my knowledge of localization to help you design strategies that are effective today and scalable tomorrow. I help my clients remove language barriers, thus enabling them to enter new markets. I optimize their localization processes to shorten time to market, and maximize their ROI.

Entering a new market brings inherit challenges. Ask yourself: "Do I have specialized resources to localize my content? How do I assess the quality of translated content? How do I establish appropriate terminology?" I will help you answer these questions and more.

Based on your existing infrastructure, global content, and information delivery needs, I will help you improve existing processes or build new systems from the ground up.

I ensure that the most appropriate technology and tools are used in combination with optimized workflows and internationalization best practices. I look at all aspects of your multilingual content production and delivery methods in order to help you implement and manage the most appropriate solution for your organization. My consulting services expand from content optimization strategies, to localization, and finally, to publishing.

Content Strategy

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Content is one of your company’s most important assets. I will partner with you to establish the most efficient and effective workflow for delivering your multilingual content on time and on budget.

I optimize your investment in content development and multilingual content delivery by identifying critical content delivery channels, maximizing reuse, overcoming bottlenecks, and establishing and maintaining meaningful quality criteria.

As part of helping you optimize your content for localization, I recommend editorial and technological solutions to your content challenges, such as training your writers and programmers to create source content that makes your localization efforts as efficient as possible.

Building L10n Team

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A localization team is an essential group of people that help kick start, manage and ultimately execute localization projects within your company.

Whilst they might not always have the actual title of a localization team member, there can be literally dozens of people that help support the localization project manager throughout the process, from various departments within your company.

Before you set about creating a localization team, it’s important to understand the localization process and what exactly the team will be involved in so they have the right tools to get the job done.

With a localization project in front of you, it’s normal that you’ll want to understand the responsibilities each team member will have so you can create a good localization team. I help you to approach this goal!

Ready to get started?

My name is Przemysław Roszek and I am a localization expert eager to see how the path unfolds. My mission at PROLABIS is to help software companies improve their localization practices to smooth the way to global success.

I am experienced localization engineer and problem solver. For over two decades, I have built a reputation for quality, client service and expertise in localization. I have broad experience in different countries and cultures and have gathered in-depth knowledge of the complexities of working across borders.

The factors I mentioned come from the experience I gained working at Lomac, SDL and Argos Multilingual as software developer, localization engineer, team leader and solutions architect. In my own company, I consider my service as the extension of my client’s product/brand development.

In regard to Localization Consulting, once I have thoroughly established the nature of your project and its requirements, I will advise you if this is something that lies within the scope of my expertise. If I don’t feel that your objectives and my experience would be a good fit, I will let you know upfront, and will do my best to point you in the right direction. I will never knowingly take on a project unless I am confident of a successful outcome.

If you want to know more about how I can help you with your localization efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Contact me

Operating globally from my home location
in Toruń, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.

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